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January 15, 2011

Aaah ma cheville me refait...

Zut! Est-ce normal d'avoir mal encore? En general, la douleur passe au bout de combien de temps (ds les cas extrêmes!! lol)?

J'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un aurait une idée de se que je peux avoir car meme les physio ne savent plus quoi.

'been a long time and still didn't improve my French skills *laughter*

December 10, 2010

My God, please... how I'm gonna make it...

... how to make it without “faith”...

... I won't be able...!

December 9, 2010

*headache ON*

Lot of things happened. Will elaborate later D:

Meanwhile, having a bowl of ubber!licious FITNESS® & FRUITS, the best cereal & fruit mix ever (loved the coconut and cranberry bits! :), and milk.

Am off then.

Later. *waves*

December 3, 2010

Three words.

t Green Tea Castella t

A purrfect snack. I enjoyed it with a cool glass of Pu-erh tea :D----

Yummylicious sponge cake!

December 3, 2010

It seems FBK's currently down? @_@

December 2, 2010

Baked Green Tea Castella! (a midnight snack, you may say) Photos later ©

Next, I'm gonna try a different version of the tangerine bundt cake. Will need some almonds ^_~

I'm kinda tired... Sonia said I should do some exercise, specially if I get so strained like I'm right now. Too much responsibility rests upon my shoulders: mère depends on me and the whole family's waiting for me to make decisions about her. Good decision making skills?


Or just the only one who really cares D:

December 1, 2010

Just had a soothing bath with magnolia shower gel. Day's passing by smoothly so far.

Getting ready for today's rehab session ^^

And OMFG! I finally got it!! *dances around happily*

November 30, 2010

This afternoon I went to visit mère at St. Michel for the first time. I'm glad to say she seemed a little better than before. But still, she didn't like being there.

She wanted to be outside.

And that, sadly, it's not possible at the moment. Mère truly needs to stay in order to properly recover her health. She's the only one that doesn't realize this.

I'm quite reassured, though. St. Michel looked like a good place. Not the topnotch resort I'd been told it was, but good enough nevertheless.

Looking forward to seeing mère's progress over there.

On the other hand, I went and got mad at Troelito & Ticter. No kidding. And we've had this discussion over and over again and I'm plain fed up with the subject. I'm really tired and out of patience.
Last week I've been so strained I could hardly bear with it.

Massage therapy rings any bell? ; _ ;

BTW, still struggling to have it!

ps1: Right, I still owe Zazu some 'design tips'. Ush.

ps2: my neck. it hurts. badly *sobs*

November 28, 2010

... It's too bright... my eyes... gotta have it... *grabs the wallet*

November 26, 2010

*relieved* for personal reasons. Poop on you ©

And... THE HEAT.

Okay, let's not mention THE HEAT. I'm gonna forget it's like Hell on Earth over here *sweating*

Ah, just wanna drink Earl Grey tea like, right now... *whimpers* I'm so a winter person ; _ ;

November 25, 2010

Damn eMule! Work, damnit! WORK!! >_<

November 25, 2010

Just checked and the CSS style (font style entry only) isn't working properly on Firefox *scratches the back of her head*

Nope, didn't write any Jpop article yet (supposedly it'd be replaced with a regular one) but Genís & Ban decided it was more important for me to do the new site logos instead...

More random cooking~~ ¯

Double × Dessert (mouseover to read the meals name and click to enlarge)

I'd have loved some mocha frosting!

Best cold from the fridge (brings out the tangerine flavor :)

Oh, and just ignore the smiley orange mug on the left corner ^w^;;

Gonna see mère tomorrow afternoon. I'm quite cheerful about it and hopefully, less guilty. Thanks to my gang for all the support. Let's stick together! You did soothe my angst just by being there... wanna become my hidden faults, instead of alcohol and cigarettes? Coffee doesn't counts!

November 24, 2010


Got it. Now can't wait to read it.

November 23, 2010

*after talking to my mother's doctor on the phone*

You know, just because some may think my head's just a decoration... do they think my brain has gone on a field trip?

Geez... whatever.

Layout update! Yes! #^_^#
However, this layout isn't that great as you guys may think... it was done in a hurry and pretty roughly too n_n; and definitely isn't the one I was planning to do either!

It's more like an impulse, just needed to use that piccie, before my interest on BRS was gone... and before BGS got more popular too. Will she be appearing in the next OVA anyway? *shrugs*

Yup, you're right. I do feel the pressure, but I can also re-open boyNET anytime later. I did let it go that time, and didn't accept any host invitation for it. Still have doubts about letting someone host this blog, knowing how it feels like *gets all nervous* =S

Oh, and eMule decided to be bitchy and not work at all. The previous version was quite good, but this one is definitely NOT working for me. Damnit. *cursing loudly and kicking the stupid software* This is what I get for babblering around about leechers... hell on me.